The Information Corporation: 75th Anniversary

Platform, July-August 2015, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

The Information Corporation exhibited at Modern Art Oxford as a part of the CVAN Platform Graduate Award taking place across the south east of England. The Info Corp studio was presented in the MAO project space and on the 1st August held a performance and film screening looking back on the Corporation's history. 


CLIP The Information Corporation: 75th Anniversary, 26:22 min


The Information Corporation: 75th Anniversary

Press Release: 

"The Information Corporation would like to invite you to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Established in 1940 from humble beginnings the corporation has become one of largest British news networks, reaching millions through television screens and online. We not only invite you to celebrate with us by looking back at our glorious history but also to look forward, discussing how we can adapt to the instant digital age. We want to ensure our clients and customers will be forever provided with an excess of information, day and night. At The Information Corporation, we like to keep you informed."



The Information Corporation: The Studio

MAO project space, 21 July- 2 August 2015

Two films were shown in the project space:  The Information Corporation: The Studio, 06:39 min and The News: things that will kill you till you dead, 02:16 min